November 21, 2018

Overcoming Obstacles with AuVert Mining Group

AuVert Mining Group brings ecologically responsible natural resource recovery to communities around the globe. Through their patented technology, precious metals can be extracted at very high yields without the use of mercury. The AuVert Plant can also reclaim free elemental mercury left behind by artisanal or large-scale traditional operations as it goes. AuVert is a revolution in placer mining.

The Challenge

When Static Energy partnered with AuVert Mining Group, we were faced with the challenge of constructing a time-sensitive 1200Amp E-House, inside of a sea can. Failing to complete the MCC sea can in time to have it shipped overseas would compromise the start up of AuVert’s processing plant – success was the only option.


The Solution

AuVert required a fast turnaround, so time was not a luxury we had on this project. With only 8 weeks to settle on a design and complete the installation, an unorthodox approach had to be taken.  We utilized a Siemens 1200Amp motor control centre (MCC) and custom designed quick connect coupler glands that were seaworthy, easy to relocate and commission. Our team was responsible for the procurement of the sea can with HVAC equipment, custom walls, windows and doors as well as the installation of all electrical equipment and wiring. We worked directly with AuVert to determine the most effective installation method that would not only meet code, safety standards and a tight schedule but also result in a quality product that AuVert could be proud of.


The Result

Communication and transparency were essential components throughout the entire project. The dedicated experts from both Static Energy and Auvert worked tirelessly to ensure that the E-house was completed on time for shipping and overall, the project was a huge success. At Static Energy, we are committed to solving complex problems and providing creative solutions to ensure that we get the job done right the first time.  We look forward to working with AuVert in the future and building a lasting relationship.

Client testimonial

“Static Energy was the perfect partner for us. Our project had a tight timeline and required a competent team to execute on the design. Open and honest communication from Rich and Chad gave us the confidence that we could complete the project on time and without budgetary overrun. Their knowledge of field installations and best practice helped us get a final product that we are incredibly satisfied with. We look forward to working with the guys at Static again.”